Sweet 13th Birthday Party


It is so hard to believe my youngest is turning the BIG 13!  I remember, like it was yesterday, seeing her for the first time.  You see, my other children have dark features like me so when my ob told me she was a red head I was sure he had lost his mind.  But sure enough she certainly was & I wouldn’t want her any other way!  She has a heart so full of Jesus & love that she makes me a better person; I hope I grow up to be just like her!


We celebrate just about EVERYTHING in our home and birthdays are HUGE!  This party started as a movie night & has evolved into a mall scavenger hunt that will end with desert at The Cheesecake Factory.  I am a big believer in the traditional paper invitation but with so many changes to this party I opted to send evites.  This option allows me to track & make sure parents are aware of ALL party details.  There are many free evite sites but I have a particular site that I LOVE!  Paperless Post has an amazing invitation selection & you can order printed invitations as well. They offer invitations from leading fashion and lifestyle designers, such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler & John Derian.  A HUGE bonus is they allow you to share photos with your guest list…how awesome is that?



Through my research on mall scavenger hunts, I found that it’s extremely important you contact the mall security office to check on rules and policies.  Most malls do not allow scavenger hunts stating the main concerns are “kids running around disrupting businesses by wanting free items”.

In order to follow local mall policies I have opted for a Scavenger Hunt that will take the kids on a shopping spree purchasing gifts that will be part of Madeline’s birthday surprise as well as picking up a few goodies for themselves along the way.  I selected several stores that are Madeline’s favorites and have given each team a budget with particular items to purchase.  Each team will have a chaperone to avoid any issues with security.


Have clues on cards for team chaperones to pass out.  Provide separate cards containing answers and missions only allowing them to open when they figure out the clue.  Once they’ve figured it out, they can take off to purchase the required item(s).  Provide each chaperone with a prepaid card with enough money….do your research on what each item will cost.

Have clues & riddles that require them to work as a team.  Some ideas could be….

1.  This is the most twisted kiosk in the mall.  Purchase a bag of nuggets. (Auntie Anne’s Pretzel)

2.  Sometimes trees & branches grow like this. Purchase a frame to capture todays fun!  (Entwined)

3.  The color on your lips; you could use a little mora; I’d suggest ____________.  Purchase a lip gloss in what you think will be her favorite color. (Sephora)

4.  Maddie’s favorite place to get a drink!  Purchase a reusable cup that costs $1.00 for everyone! (Starbucks)

5.  This place is as sweet as Madeline!  Everyone fill a bag with 1/2lb of your favorite! (Boardwalk Treats)


Make it a hunt where everyone wins!

Be creative & give points for everyone participating, the most unique item purchased, etc.  Once you’re hunt is over you can award prizes…I decided to hand out Starbucks gift cards for them to use along with the reusable cups they already picked up.


Our last clue will lead them to our final destination…The Cheesecake Factory.  The Cheesecake Factory does not take reservations, so that was an important part of our party timing.  I called & spoke with a manager and she was absolutely sweet about my plans; she understands the importance of the perfect 13 year birthday party.  So even if the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, reach out to them; most managers will do what they can to help make your event awesome!



5 thoughts on “Sweet 13th Birthday Party

  1. Ohhhhh this is amazing! My mom did this for me when I was about 13 and I still remember it as my favorite birthday party I’ve ever had!!! Back then we had to use a polaroid camera to get the pictures we needed!! So great!

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