Scavenger Hunt a success!

The Scavenger hunt is over & what a HUGE success!  I was blown away by this groups response.  I spent a whole lot of hours and time on this event but boy did it pay off.  My thirteen year old was skeptical about whether or not this would be too “baby” for her and her friends but we naied it!


Each team had a chaperone that was responsible for handing out clues & once their team guessed it the task was assigned.  I expected the game to last about a hour and 20 minutes but they were so excited & completed it in about 45 minutes.  Several asked if I could plan another…”This is the best party I’ve ever been too!”


One of the tasks was to test out a lipstick at Sephora.  To add a little extra fun, we gave bonus points for the teams that had the guys test one too…and they had to capture it!  As you can imagine, the girls went crazy & the guys were certainly troopers!


The night went on & boy did they get into the game!  Everyone participated & had a good time…Jackson, that color sure looks good on you!



They even found a strange guy wearing a bear jacket to incorporate into a photo.  And of course, we had to have a little UK involved since it is March Madness…GO CATS!


Once the points were counted the troops were taken to The Cheesecake Factory for desert & hang out time.  I must admit that I was worried about rolling in on a Friday night expecting to have a table for 22 but the manager was UNBELIEVABLE!  If you visit Cheesecake Factory in Lexington, Ky. be sure to say hello to Bobbie Jo; she did everything to make Madeline’s night special.  A huge thank you to her and her staff!  Nick was the best waiter…imagine waiting on a table of 17 teens!


The winning team girls received a bag full of goodies that included candy, nail polish, lip gloss & a beautiful locket from Katherine Walcott @ Oragami Owl.  The guys received a UK t-shirt & candy because you can really never have enough candy!


If you are interested in having us create a scavenger hunt for your next event, contact us.  This is great for birthdays, team building, or even just for fun!  Be sure to follow us on facebook, & instagram!

Sweet Smiles!



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