Adult Halloween Party Ideas!

I wanted to share some thoughts for those

of you who are thinking of throwing an adult Halloween party this year.

I hope these inspire you!


Draping furniture with white sheets is a cheap way to instantly

create the right atmosphere for the perfect party.


If you are throwing a dinner party for adults use empty glass bottles.


I am not a big fan of serving food that I can not look at so

I suggest beautiful meats, cheeses, breads and figs for tasty appetizers & fun cocktails!  Place trays in different areas encouraging guests to mingle.


If you are looking for something different, stir up some Sleepy Hollow Cocktails.

Click here for the link!

Be sure to prepare ahead of time.  If you are planning to serve a multi-course meal,

I suggest hiring someone to help serve.

I am a big believer in having too much food.  You want your guests to be full when they walk away from the table.


Create a menu that includes hearty fall foods.

A favorite in my recipe collection is a beautiful tenderloin.


Finish the night off with fun treats for your guests.  I absolutely LOVE these Zombie fingers by Scrumpalicious.

You can purchase these ghoulish treats for $9.00 a box.

Stay tuned to my next post on how to throw a ghoulish Halloween party for those little goblins!

Sweet Smiles!



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