She turned 20 today!

If you think about it….life is funny! 

When we are young time stands still; Christmas & birthday’s seem light years away.  Our elders tell us not to wish them away but we are constantly chasing those milestones….13, 16, 18, 21 & then it happens!  Time starts picking up & is never to be slowed.


It seems like yesterday when I first saw her.  I remember it so clearly…her tiny head was lightly covered with brown hair, her eyes would no doubt be hazel & her olive complexion was one I knew she did not receive from me.  Her long body would eventually be the structure of a tall, legged beauty.


Twenty years ago today she came into my life with a bang and I’ve never recovered.  I knew right away that she was opposite her older brother.  While he would not “ripple the waters” she almost seemed to enjoy throwing boulders & stepping back to watch.  She is independent, strong willed, incredibly talented & under that shield of armor, she is one of the most loving people I know. 


She was five the first time she asked to purchase paints.  I think we all knew early on that art was simply a part of who she is….she confirmed that the day she told me she needed art to breathe.  At first, I thought it was funny & cute, I now realize how much truth was behind that beautiful statement. 


High school was challenging for Emily in the sense that I am not sure she ever felt part of any particular group. Art classes were where things felt right and it was when she had a paint brush in hand or a camera that she felt whole.  She put together photo shoots, wrote blogs & finally allowed us to host her first art showing although she was always the first to criticize her work.  Her first art show ended with every piece on display being sold. 


So, she is now away; away where she deserves and needs to be…SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design).  It’s funny, she calls almost every day and has a new story to tell…. 


A professor who was one of the last photographers to photograph James Dean, a sighting of a former Vogue Editor, & even a museum full of Oscar de la Renta’s beautiful gowns.  I have never been so proud, she is turning into an amazing woman, and I look forward to hearing so many more stories. 


You are beautiful & such an incredibly talented young woman and I can not wait to see where this journey takes you.  I love you to the moon & back!

With love,


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